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Anti Heart for Heart, also colloquially known as Anti-H4H was a movement started sometime in 2008-2009 to oppose the growing practice of Heart for Heart. Anti-H4H resulted in the establishment of hundreds of small organizations dedicated to attempting to stop H4H through what they dubbed "raids," where Anti-H4Hers would spam Anti-H4H photos, request that H4Hers cease and desist, and many even would bully H4Hers into submission. This led to some outcry that questioned of the benefits of the Anti-H4H movement. The Anti-H4H movement is regarded as being the foundation of many of the original clans of LBP, as well as many original Union states.

Organized History

The most notable Anti-H4H organizations were two groups of the same name: the H4H Bounty Hunters. These were the Bounty Hunters led by Heckboy88 and the hunters led by Leejk30. These two groups often fought over the name, both not aware at first that the other group had chosen the name. This led to both groups' administrations arguing. Each one believed that the other had stolen their name. In the end however, Leejk30's Bounty Hunters were the ones who survived the longest, and became the most influential. Heckboy's Bounty Hunters were soon forgotten in the midst of LBPU politics.

Many of these Anti-H4H groups evolved into more developed clans, and many more developed clans retained Anti-H4H values. Most clans of the modern day are Anti-H4H.